What is a fiduciary duty?

A fiduciary duty is a legal and sworn obligation to act solely in the best interest of another party.

Are you a fiduciary?

At Alchemy Wealth Management we believe in operating as true fiduciaries. We sign a fiduciary oath to our clients, with a strict code of ethics. This means we work for you, and only for you.

How do I know your advice is in my best interest?
We feel that eliminating and avoiding conflicts of interest at all costs allows us to provide financial advice based on your goals and no one else’s. We will never recommend an investment option that is not in your best interest. By placing your interests ahead of our own we can ensure you are receiving truly objective advice to help you achieve your financial goals with confidence.
Are you a fee-only financial planner?

At Alchemy Wealth Management we believe in fee-only financial planning. We are compensated by you, our client, and only by you. This means we will never earn a commission for selling in-house investments, annuities, insurance products or anything else. The fees we charge are transparent and agreed upon at the beginning of our relationship with no fine print or hidden charges. We align our best interest with your best interest to ensure you are receiving truly objective advice to help you achieve your financial goals with confidence.

Do physicians, doctors and healthcare professionals need a financial planner?

Not necessarily. In our experience, the physicians, doctors and healthcare professionals that we work with are highly intelligent and are more than capable of learning how to manage their own finances. What we do find, however, is that from a cost analysis standpoint often times managing your own finances is not the best use of your time or skills. We also have many clients who are more than capable of managing their own finances but simply do not have the time or desire to do so themselves.

Do I have to be a healthcare professional to work with Alchemy Wealth Management?
Absolutely not. We work with plenty of amazing individuals in many different industries.
Where will my money be held?

Alchemy Wealth Management has decided to custody all client funds with TD Ameritrade. You will receive statements from TD Ameritrade directly, this acts as a form of checks and balances for you to ensure the safety of your funds.

How much money do I need to work with Alchemy Wealth Management?

Alchemy Wealth Management chooses to maintain no asset minimums.
We know that many individuals often have a negative net worth when graduating from medical school. Many of these same individuals are high income earners and become wonderful clients for our firm in the long run. We invest in our clients the same way our clients invest in us.

Do you work with people in other states?

Absolutely. We work with clients all over the country. Modern technology is an amazing tool that allows us to provide the same service to our virtual clients as to our local clients. Many local clients have elected for a completely virtual relationship for convenience and/or health purposes.

Do you partner with my accountant and attorney?
Absolutely. We see collaboration as a necessity. We are happy to work closely with your accountant, attorney, insurance agent, banker and all other members of your financial team. Don’t have a financial team? We can help you build one.
How does Alchemy Wealth Management differ from a typical investment firm?

Alchemy Wealth Management is unique in many ways. We have chosen to remain independent of a large brokerage firm, we act as a fiduciary for every one of our clients at all times, and we have a simple and transparent fee-only fee structure that helps reduce conflicts of interest for our clients. Don’t take our word for it though. The best way to learn how we are unique is to see for yourself.

What do I need to bring to my first meeting?

Absolutely nothing! We understand that finances can be overwhelming and confusing. We are able to help you get your financial life organized. Already organized? Then any current financial statements always help make the process go as smoothly as possible.