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Mission Statement

Most people have a bucket list of experiences they will never partake in and memories they will never create. Primarily, they lack the time and the financial means to do so. At Alchemy Wealth Management, we help people manage their finances and achieve financial independence to free up the time and money necessary to focus on what truly matters to them.

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In 2023, our commitment to excellence was acknowledged on a grand scale when we were honored with the Silver Medal for Best Wealth Management Firm by the esteemed Best of Sierra Nevada awards. This accolade serves as a testament to our dedication in delivering top-tier financial advice and wealth management services. We’re humbled by the recognition and remain steadfast in our mission to empower our clients’ financial futures.


Financial services consistently rank last in consumer trust amongst its peers. Alchemy Wealth Management provides an opportunity for our clients to work with a firm they can trust. We accomplish this by remaining fee-only, fully independent, and we choose always to operate as a fiduciary for our clients.

At Alchemy Wealth Management we understand the unique financial needs that you have when it comes to managing your finances. We know you understand, more than most, the necessity and value of specialization, and it is for that reason we, at Alchemy Wealth Management, have chosen to focus on serving you.


Ryan Nelson

Financial Planner | FAQ | Alchemy Wealth Management

Owner, Chief Financial Planner
(775) 380-0080

Ryan Nelson proudly serves as the Owner and Chief Financial Planner at Alchemy Wealth Management. Hailing from the heart of Northern Nevada, Ryan’s journey into Financial Services began with an illustrious tenure at one of the nation’s leading broker-dealers, which ultimately fueled his passion for delivering personalized and client-focused financial solutions. Motivated by a vision of unwavering commitment to his clients’ financial well-being, he established Alchemy Wealth Management, an independent, fee-only advisory firm dedicated to upholding fiduciary principles. In 2023, Alchemy Wealth Management was honored with the distinguished Silver Medal for Best Wealth Management Firm at the esteemed Best of Sierra Nevada awards, a testament to the firm’s commitment to delivering top-tier financial advice and wealth management services. This recognition serves as a reaffirmation of the team’s dedication to excellence and unwavering mission to empower clients to achieve their financial aspirations.
Recognizing the importance of community engagement, Ryan has actively contributed to various impactful initiatives, including his role as the President of the Board of Directors for the Northern Nevada RAVE Family Foundation. Through this role, he was pivotal in extending support to families with children with disabilities, showcasing his dedication to fostering a compassionate and inclusive society. As a founding member and President of Battle Born Business Networking, Ryan has demonstrated an acute understanding of the local business ecosystem, fostering growth and collaboration among professionals. Deeply engaged in community development, Ryan has made notable contributions as the past Director of the Board for the Reno Tahoe Young Professionals Network and the Northern Nevada Math Club.

His significant contributions to the community have garnered well-deserved recognition, including the prestigious “Twenty Under 40” award, underscoring his outstanding professional accomplishments and unwavering commitment to philanthropy. Additionally, his successful completion of the esteemed Leadership Reno-Sparks class of 2021 reflects his commitment to continuous personal and professional development.

The publication of his influential book, “Your Fiscal Physical: 7 Keys to Becoming Financially Fit,” has enabled Ryan to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise with a broader audience. This comprehensive guide, offering a roadmap to financial empowerment, reflects Ryan’s commitment to demystifying financial intricacies and fostering financial literacy among individuals from all walks of life. Distilling complex financial concepts into accessible and actionable insights, Ryan’s writing transcends traditional financial literature, offering readers a clear roadmap to financial success. With an unwavering focus on education and empowerment, Ryan is dedicated to helping his clients achieve financial independence and secure a prosperous future.

Ryan shares his life with his long-term partner, Katie, and their beloved 5-year-old Labrador/Border Collie mix, Nova. Ryan is an accomplished multi-time Ironman finisher, reflecting his dedication and perseverance. A fervent enthusiast of board games, cornhole, and all things competitive he finds joy in the simplicity of life. An ardent supporter of the Green Bay Packers, he and Katie attend multiple games each year. (Go Pack Go!) Traveling the world and learning about other cultures has become a passion of Ryan’s.

Q&A with our Founder

Dog or Cat Person?

Dog person. My Lab/Border Collie mix, Nova, is spoiled rotten.

Favorite Team?

The Green Bay Packers. Go Pack Go!

Favorite Music?

I prefer podcasts over music any day of the week. I am fanatical about continuous improvement and love learning new things.

Favorite Food?

I would eat Pizza multiple days a week if I could (who am I kidding, I usually do). Ham and Jalapeño are my go-to toppings.

Favorite Exercise?

I love running biking and swimming. Making Ironman races one of my favorite past times.

Favorite Family Time?

I love playing board games. I find that Settlers of Catan is just the right amount of skill and luck, and who doesn't love trading?

Where Can You Be Found At The Party?

Probably out in the back playing Cornhole (Bags) I love the competition of yard games.

Favorite Happy Hour Order?

My current drink of choice is a Hazy IPA. Mind Haze from Firestone Walker is particularly tasty.

MEET The Team

Melissa "Missy" Liranzo

Client Service Associate
(775) 380-0080

Melissa “Missy” Liranzo is an invaluable asset at Alchemy Wealth Management, serving as a Client Service Associate. With a distinguished background in district management, Missy seamlessly transitioned into the Financial Services industry, showcasing remarkable organizational prowess and leadership acumen. Her dedication to ensuring client satisfaction and team success has been a cornerstone of her professional journey, earning her well-deserved recognition in the industry.

Beyond her professional achievements, Missy finds fulfillment as a devoted mother to three spirited boys. Actively involved in community service initiatives, she remains deeply committed to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Whether volunteering for various causes or enthusiastically supporting her sons in their athletic pursuits, Missy’s unwavering dedication to her family and community embodies her exceptional character and compassionate spirit.

Edselle Mae "Eds" Ramat

Executive Assistant 
(775) 380-0080

Edselle Mae “Eds” Ramat plays a pivotal role as an Executive Assistant at Alchemy Wealth Management. With a background in Journalism and Broadcast Communication, Eds seamlessly transitioned into the Finance Services industry, leveraging her experiences as an agent, supervisor, and quality analyst. Known for her exceptional interpersonal skills and positive mindset, Edselle motivates those around her to strive for excellence, utilizing her strong organizational abilities and leadership acumen.

Beyond her professional commitments, Eds finds solace in photography, videography, and writing. Fueled by a passion for creativity, she dedicates her free time to honing her craft and exploring the intricacies of visual storytelling. Moreover, as a compassionate advocate for animal welfare, Eds actively contributes to the well-being of stray animals, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve. Her unwavering dedication to her creative and philanthropic endeavors exemplifies her remarkable commitment to fostering positive change within her community and beyond.

Why Clients Hire Us

Not everyone needs a financial advisor, but everyone needs to manage their finances. They can choose to do it themselves or outsource to a financial advisor.

Clients typically hire Alchemy Wealth Management when they don’t have the 1) Time, 2) Desire, or 3) Knowledge to manage their finances.