Comprehensive financial planning case studies

Common Alchemy Wealth Clients Sue and Larry

Case Study 2


Robert and Jessica are about 5 years out from retirement. They have managed to become debt free and are looking forward to traveling more. They are not 100% confident that they have enough saved to maintain the lifestyle they have come to expect and they need some help ensuring that their retirement plan is on track.

Common Alchemy Wealth Clients Larry and Sue

Case Study 3


Larry and Sue have been retired for almost a decade now and recently have been traveling out of state to their daughter’s house to help out with their new grandbaby. They are beginning to get anxious about their distribution strategy in retirement (Financial Planning). They are unsure if they will run out of money or if they will have a large surplus that they should be doing estate and tax planning with. In either scenario they do not know where to start.

Student Loan Analysis

Case Study 1
Student Loan analysis


Laura recently graduated from medical school and is currently in residency. She is curious how to tackle her student loan payments. Should she pay them off as aggressively as possible? Or maybe make the minimum payments and count on student loan forgiveness? She wants to max out her 401(k) at work but also feels like she needs to start saving for a house. Laura isn’t quite sure how to balance her cash flow or prioritize her goals.

Note: These case studies are hypothetical and do not involve any real Alchemy Wealth Management clients.

This is not tax, legal or investment advice and should not be construed as such.